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Projects at Oakbrook Community Farm


Oakbrook Farm has currently four projects on site: The Stroud Micro Dairy, The SCA Starter Farm, Ellie’s Eggs and The Bee-Observatory.

Two new projects are under way: A ZeroDig Market Garden research trial and an Agroforestry.

Oakbrook Farm CBS is also developing community aspects of the farm like The Oakbrook Haven. Enjoy reading.


Zerodig is a a not-for-profit social enterprise changing the future of food production with ‘no-dig’ growing. We’re creating a sustainable food growing system that rebuilds soils, protects the climate, and encourages young people into agriculture. https://zerodig.earth/

Stroud Micro Dairy

– the Uk’s first award winning dairy CSA. We are a small community-supported dairy farm based on Oakbrook farm. We produce delicious, fresh and local raw milk, yoghurt and kefir for our members and selected shops. We farm to regenerate soils using a method of farming that revolves around biology, life and the sun; to positively impact our soils, animals, people and the nature that surround us.

Oakbrook Farm Eggs/Ellie’s Eggs

Delicious fresh eggs from a small flock of happy free range chickens. They live in a mobile coop which is moved around the farm, giving them fresh pasture around once a week. The sward benefits from both fertilisation by the chickens and aeration from their scratching around.

The Bee-Observatory

has developed a honey-bee garden at Oakbrook Farm since 2018. Open days have regularly attracted 20 visitors or more in 2019. The Bee-Observatory is a wholistic research project, developing alternative bee-keeping practice and offering public education. Our various and purpose build observation hives allow for direct observation of honey-bees, for all ages and without protective clothing. Check out bee-observatory.org for more info and open days in 2020.

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Oakbrook Community Farm CBS Limited

Trading as Oakbrook Community Farm

Address: Painswick Od Road, Stroud, GL6 7QN, Gloucestershire, UK

Website: oakbrookfarm.org.uk

Bank details: Triodos Bank, Sort Code: 16-58-10, Account: 21133972

Company Number RS008100, FCA Reg Nr: 8100, Charitable Company Nr. ZD06244, VAT Reg. Nr. 351795183

Chair, Martin Large: 07765 006 829

Admin and Treasurer, Christian Gruetzmacher: 07500 733 181