Welcome To Oakbrook Community Farm

A 42-acre biodynamic farm, connecting people with land, food, and nature.

We are an innovative farm hub of small businesses and social enterprises, farming biodynamically, organically and no dig. You are welcome to come and visit, walk the footpaths through the community farm and watch the cows, notice the bees and join in with the volunteer opportunities. 

Our Tenants

We are made up of the following enterprises: Stroud Micro Dairy, ZeroDig, Stroud Community Agriculture, Oakbrook Orchard, The Haven, and The Bee Observatory.

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our exciting list of community-oriented and farm-focused events, from seasonal gatherings to beekeeping workshops and volunteering opportunities.

Barn Update June 2024

Our Visions And Values

Oakbrook Community Farm is pioneering sustainable farming practices for the future. We hold biodynamic and organic accreditation for the farm as a whole, ensuring that all operations on the farm are inline with these principles, and we strive to be an example to other organisations seeking to pursue community farming with biodynamic principles.

Oakbrook Community Farm exists because of and for our community. We seek ways in which our community can be practically and emotionally a part of the farm, and seek to be transparent and approachable in all our operations. We will seek to encourage and support volunteering, training and educational opportunities within our tenant enterprises and across the whole-farm infrastructure, believing that involving volunteers brings benefits of cost-effectiveness for the land and its users, and empowers public stewardship of the land.

Our Invitation

We have set aside over 3 acres of space for you to nourish yourself with nature. You are welcome to spend time in our Bee Garden, or walk our nature corridor and enjoy the tranquility of our untouched Nature Field.

Our Haven field has facilities including a water standpipe, compost toilet, wet weather shelter and fire circle, and is home to multiple educational and young people’s groups. It is also available for private hire if you would like to host an event or celebration here.

You are also welcome to spend time here when not in use. If you would like to get involved with the farm you can join our regular volunteering days which involve all aspects of the farm. You can also join Oakbrook Community Benefit Society and become a shareholder of our organisation at any time.

Join Our Share Offer

Our Share Offer remains open and you are welcome to become a voting member of Oakbrook Community Benefit Society by buying your shares! The cost is £1 per share with a minimum purchase of 200. The original application documents are available below, or you can apply by getting in touch directly via admin@oakbrookfarm.org.uk.

Become A Friend

Whether or not you hold shares in the Oakbrook Community Benefit Society, you are invited to become a Friend of the farm by contributing £3 per month or £36 per year.

As a friend, your contribution makes a huge difference. Through these regular donations, we are able to cover our ongoing administrative costs, freeing up other resources for us to make bigger investments across the farm.

Make A One Of Donation

Oakbrook Community Farm welcomes donations towards ongoing costs such as utilities and computing expenses, as well as general farm maintenance and improvements. Your contribution will help make this a vibrant, welcoming space for people to visit.Thank you for your support.

Get updates on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, tenant updates, developments and more. Be part of our journey!

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