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There have been two Oakbrook miracles so far. Firstly, the community buy out of the land by members of the Biodynamic Land Trust in 2015. Then secondly the coming together of a competent group of young farmers who have made such a success of farming on what was bare land.

Our pioneer Share Offer is an invitation to support the farmers' work with the tracks and barns they need to continue producing good food. This will enable Oakbrook to develop as a regenerative community farm, building on their success. Oakbrook is a 41-acre farm located on Painswick Old Road, abutting Stroud (Uplands) and Hawkwood College.

Farmers Kees Frederiks and Alice Frederiks-Planel say, “Our desired future for Oakbrook Community Farm is a family of land-based enterprises producing good food, education and community services, in harmony with nature for and with Stroud people.” The young farmers of Stroud Micro Dairy and Stroud Community Agriculture have transformed bare land into a Demeter certified farm with healthy soil in three years. Farming along regenerative lines, the Oakbrook enterprises of the – Stroud Micro Dairy and Stroud Community Agricultures' Starter Farm/Market Garden, The Bee-Observatory, Agroforestry, Ellie’s Eggs and the ZeroDig research market garden – are developing a carbon capturing farm.

Oakbrook Community Farm is run by Oakbrook Community Farm CBS Ltd. which has a 100-year renewable lease on the 41 acres from The Biodynamic Land Trust. The Micro Dairy also rents a further 40 adjoining acres.

We thus create a threefold organism: The independent farm enterprises lease the land they farm from Oakbrook Community Farm, which holds a 100-year renewable lease from the Biodynamic Land Trust.

Oakbrook Community Farm holds the land use plan, connects the whole and manages shared facilities such as tracks and barns as well as community and conservation areas.

All work in the service of our customers, members and the local community. Oakbrook Community Farm CBS Ltd is applying for exempt charitable status and you can become a member by investing in shares.

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Oakbrook Community Farm CBS Limited

Trading as Oakbrook Community Farm

Address: Painswick Od Road, Stroud, GL6 7QN, Gloucestershire, UK

Website: oakbrookfarm.org.uk

Bank details: Triodos Bank, Sort Code: 16-58-10, Account: 21133972

Company Number RS008100, FCA Reg Nr: 8100, Charitable Company Nr. ZD06244, VAT Reg. Nr. 351795183

For all queries please contact Secretary Leigh Coghill on 07982236653 or email admin@oakbrookfarm.org.uk