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Our Tenant Projects

The beauty of our collaborative model is that we are able to host several small businesses on one site simultaneously. Whilst the extraordinary costs of land and farm infrastructure would be prohibitive for each enterprise to assume individually, by pooling our resources together we are able to share the load and dramatically reduce costs for each project. We currently host five tenants, with potential to expand further in the future. If you are looking for a home for your farming or conservation work, get in touch to see if Oakbrook could be the right fit for you.

Stroud Micro Dairy is Oakbrook Farm's largest tenant and the UK's first dairy co-operative. Founded in 2017 by a farmers son with a vision that farming could have a positive impact on the environment. SMD farm 30 of Oakbrook's 42 acres and produce fresh, raw milk, kefir and yoghurt that members collect on site. Through their commitment to regenerative agriculture SMD are improving the health of our plants and soil, and pioneering the way in sustainable dairy by practicing calf-at-foot mob-grazing.

Oakbrook Orchard is an experimental agroforestry project growing fruit, flowers and community. They currently have 22 apple trees underplanted with soft fruit and daffodils, and a small nursery propagating apple, pear and plum trees. The aim is to establish a field scale agroforestry system supplying seasonal fruit and flowers through a community supported agriculture scheme. 

Zerodig.Earth are championing the role of no-dig growing as the sustainable food growing system that rebuilds soils and protects the climate. The Zerodig.Earth team have a mission to set as many new small scale farmers as possible growing in a profitable, sustainable way. Through their one acre at Oakbrook Farm are proving that the Zerodig approach to producing food can be viable at scale.

Stroud Community Agriculture is a community led enterprise producing local, biodynamic meat and vegetables on 70 acres across Gloucestershire. Oakbrook Farm is proud to host just one of them!

The Bee Observatory is the smallest tenant of Oakbrook Farm. Unlike traditional bee-keeping which focuses on taking honey from bees, this project is focused on education through observing bees in natural conditions. Volunteers are creating new bee habitats on the farm, and regular open days allow visitors to get up close with the bees and learn about their amazing ways.