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Volunteering at Oakbrook Farm

Under the current lock down rules voluntary work is allowed to carry on!

We currently have some volunteer groups:

  • Family volunteering: every other Saturday afternoon at Oakbrook Farm we help with the basic infrastructure installation currently happening. We also work on proposals for long term visions of family volunteering on the farm. Children of any age are welcome to join with their families.
  • Bee-Observatory volunteering, again every other Saturday afternoon we work on improvements in and around the Bee-Garden. Children of any age are welcome to join with their families.
  • Haven volunteering, is an irregular adult volunteering opportunity mainly on Fridays or week ends in and around The Haven Field Development.

For all these opportunities please contact Christian on 07500 733 181 or on admin@oakbrookfarm.org.uk

Get involved at Oakbrook Community Farm

There are many ways of getting at Oakbrook Farm !

  1. Volunteering: there are opportunities to volunteer, such as tree care, planting trees when the Agroforestry and other schemes are implemented; hedge laying, clearing some of the overgrown brook at the Oakbrook Haven Field for safe playing. However, we need people to volunteer, organise and lead such land-care activities as currently we have limited capacity. Administration, fundraising, book keeping and a range of farming, construction, ecological, arboriculture, gardening, business skills are needed as appropriate. Please get in touch e.g. via email, or subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for regular updates.
  2. Donate or Invest in Oakbrook Community Share by visiting our Share Offer page via the Menu. This means you become a voting member of Oakbrook.
  3. New food or community projects? Oakbrook Community Farm is open for applications from new projects. Please get in touch by email.
  4. We also have a Land-care volunteer group that organises biodynamic land-care events. These include preparation spraying, celebrating festivals and action research, which are open to all. Email us or subscribe to our newsletter if you are interested.

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