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Our Board of Directors

From its inception, the daily operations of Oakbrook Community Farm have been overseen by the volunteer Board of Directors who take responsibility for delivering the vision and values of the farm on behalf of the Community Benefit Society. The Directors are a mixture of Society members (shareholders) and co-opted colleagues who have been elected for the specific expertise they contribute. At present the Board is made up of five Directors, with vacancies for one shareholder and one advisor to join the board. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Director, please get in touch.

Lucas Schoemaker spent years involved in biodynamic farming after which he has focussed on developing socially responsive enterprises in the third sector such as the Painswick Inn Project and developing property portfolios for organisations incorporating social housing, childcare and enterprise hubs, both here and abroad. He is currently also Spearheading Affordable Co-Housing initiatives with Housing Associations and is an active Green Party Councillor and BDLT board member. Lucas leads the board on matters relating to planning and construction, fundraising and adhering to biodynamic principles.

Sarah Fotheringham has over 20 years experience in Community Engagement, working with deprived communities in the South Wales valleys or with Cardiff University setting up a Widening Participation project. She works locally with GARAS in Gloucester. She is also a founding member of Co-Housing Cardiff and The Roundhouse, a 7.5 acre woodland and growing field jointly owned and run by a membership group with a vision for building biodiversity, land stewardship, sustainability, bees and growing organic soft fruits. Sarah is the company Secretary, overseeing our administrative functions as well as long term planning of the farms strategy.

David Lambert is a director of a small consultancy, The Parks Agency, specialising in the conservation of historic landscapes, especially public parks and gardens. He has lived in Stroud for the past five years, and has been an active member of the Labour Party and an organiser for Extinction Rebellion. He is currently studying on the two-year biodynamics course at Ruskin Mill. David plays a key role in organising tenant leases, ecological audits and construction projects for the farm, and also volunteers to bring the cows in for milking with Stroud Micro Dairy!

Leigh Coghill is an experienced community organiser and lives near to Oakbrook with her young family. She joined the farm as a volunteer after moving from Bristol where she worked on the Adfree Cities campaign against corporate advertising. Prior to this she spent three years committed to the anti-fracking campaign in North Yorkshire. Leigh is a member of the Haven Steering Group and also takes on some paid administrative work for the farm, and takes the lead on organising public events and community engagement opportunities.

Sarah Jackson was co-opted onto the board for the wealth of expertise she brings as an experienced Organic farmer in her own right. Sarah farms 120 acres in the Slad Valley with a mixture of beef, lamb, timber and an acre of market garden. Sarah leads the board on government funding streams as well as advising on farm infrastructure and construction projects.