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Buy woodchip

Instead of disposing of it by other means, we invite local aboricultural companies to donate wood chip to us where we put it to use across the whole site, including bedding matter for our Zerodig growing beds and creating paths in the Haven field. Buying wood-chip from the farm is another way that you can support us financially, whilst making sensible use of resources produced locally, and helping local tree surgeons to reduce waste. It's win-win!

We sell wood chip via a digital honesty box system, so please just help yourself on site at any time, and then make a deposit in our bank account for the appropriate amount (please use the reference wood chip). Our suggested price is £2 for a sack, or £5 for a cubic metre.

Free wood chip for our friends

Alternatively, consider becoming a friend of the farm for £3 per month, and help yourself to as much wood chip as you can use – for free!